If you need to get your eyes checked, you should use an optometrist that you trust and that takes exceptional care of their patients. John O’Connor are Auckland optometrists that have been helping their New Zealand patients get exceptional care since 1978. When you need to get an eye exam or you are looking for quality eyewear, you can turn to John O’Connor to get the care you need.

John O’Connor offers reasonable prices and they are a family-owned business. The can fit you for glasses and contact lenses and they also perform general eye exams. They carry a wide selection of frames including designer frames and budget frames so it is going to be easy to find something that fits your budget and looks great on your face. If you buy frames or contacts after your eye exam, the exam is going to be free which is going to save you some money.

When you make an appointment with John O’Connor Auckland optometrists you are going to get a comprehensive eye exam that is going to detect any abnormalities in your eyes like glaucoma or retinal problems. After your exam is over the doctor is going to give you a prescription for glasses and contacts. The optometrist can also check your eyes for other issues that you need to know about.

Once your eye exam is over you can start looking at contacts and glasses. You can find a huge selection of glasses on the site and there are going to be a ton of different frames that you can choose from. It is going to be easy to find frames that are going to fit your face and the new frames are going to improve your appearance and make you look amazing.

Having your eyes checked once a year by Auckland optometrists is important because you never know when something is going to go wrong with your eyes. You don’t want to end up with eye issues that have progressed because you waited to go see the optometrist. It is also important to make regular visits to the optometrist because your eyes can change and your prescription might not be strong enough anymore. It is important to be able to see things clearly, especially when you have to drive.

A quality eye exam is worth the money and you are going to have peace of mind knowing that your eyes are healthy. You only get one pair of eyes and it is important to take care of them. It is easy for your eyes to become strained when you spend a lot of time on a computer or staring at your phone and the Auckland optometrists are going to catch any potential problems before they become worse.

Seeing the optometrist can help you with lots of different issues and you are going to have a place to go to get glasses and to get other things that you need. Do your eyes a favour and get an eye exam.